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Welcome to Metalwork Corporation, a company with a vision to offer products that make a difference - through outstanding steel furniture design and quality metal works solutions. Led by Bruno Nicoletti, who founded our OEM operation Italy in 1983, Metalwork is a leading metal furniture supplier to many nations worldwide. We give access to a vast range of steel furniture through a combination of direct OEM purchasing options and our local wholesale channels. Our exceptional steel furniture designs make their way to the showrooms of many of the world’s most popular metalworks brands. 


Steel Furniture Australia – We Make it Simple


Our vision is to deliver excellent solutions to meet the specific needs of our buyers – from urgent, single-item requests to customised product development. Our reliability as a steel furniture manufacturer is hinged upon the ease and convenience by which our business customers worldwide can obtain custom metal works with consistent quality and cost-efficiency.


Our success can be partly attributed to our expertise in advanced metal-bending and hydro-forming technologies. With innovations in design, engineering, and production, we develop metal furniture and components that are more than worthy of international standards. With the commercial genius of Mr. Nicoletti, our metal works company operations have expanded to the Asia Pacific market as Metalwork Corporation established a production headquarters in China. 


Custom Metalworks and Smart Solutions


Metalwork Corporation specialises in steel furniture design and components ideal for various settings. We make steel tables and steel chairs that are light and sturdy enough for home use. We are also a choice metal furniture supplier for offices and business establishments around the world. Our foldable steel tables and folding metal chairs are great for restaurants and outdoor cafes.
We are also an OEM for metal desk frames and metal storage containers.

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